Friday, August 28, 2009

Notes on this year's schedule

You may notice that the calendar contains some overlapping entries this year. I made some 2nd choice selections, and one of the movies in each pair is marked as such. If they run out of tickets to the first choice, I'll get tickets to the second choice. Unless of course they're both full. In that case, I'm just screwed.

No midnight shows this year. There is a Midnight Madness movie on the schedule, but we're not seeing the midnight screening. This is a huge disappointment, as I had a great time at last year's midnight show. But Jennifer's Body shows Thursday night, and we don't arrive until Friday around noon. The other possible Midnight Madness film shows Friday night, and I just couldn't bare the thought of getting back to the B&B at 3:00, only to get up and head to the airport in the morning.

I have a stunning lack of morning movies this year. I'm not sure how that worked out, but it'll be nice to sleep in when needed.

Now I just gotta figure out how to download the calendar into my iPod...


The calendar is up. More info later as time permits...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Schedule Complete

I just finished filling out my schedule for this year's festival. I'm exhausted, brain dead, and I need to count some sheep. But I've got 20 screenings lined up, and it's an interesting mix. There are a few headed to a theatre near you: A Serious Man, the latest flick from the Coen brothers; The Road, from the novel by Cormac McCarthy; and Jennifer's Body, Diablo Cody's follow up to Juno.

However there are a couple documentaries, a batch of short films, and movies from over a dozen countries. It should be interesting.

More later, including the complete schedule in Google calendar form. Stay tuned...