Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm back...

After a rather action-packed year off, Sean On Film is back.  Last year, Maureen and I opted to go to Hawaii instead, where we pedaled bikes around Oahu for 100 miles, hiked around Waimea Canyon, took an aerial tour of Kauai, went snorkling, and got engaged.  If you're going to miss the festival, that's pretty much the way to do it.

The Honolulu Century Ride was the culmination of a significant fund raising effort for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team In Training.  Maureen is a survivor of what she affectionately refers to as The Hodge, so it was a great way to give thanks for being able to hang out and have such a great time together.  If you would like to take on a physical challenge, get free training to meet your goal, and raise money for a great charity, give them a try.  It's a wonderful organization.

But this year I'm back, and with help.  Now that we're married, Maureen owns half of this blog and will not only be running from theater to theater with me, but also offering her own reviews.  Say hi, Maureen!

We're ticketed, both air fare (thank you frequent flier miles!) and festival-wise.  We have a room booked at a B&B in Cabbagetown, a new neighborhood for both of us, as the last room was, as a certain Canadian songwriter might say, ungood.  Alas, not much blog action will be coming in the near future, as the film schedule doesn't get released until sometime in the vicinity of August 23rd.

Hang in there, film fans.  It's only 6+ short weeks away!