Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I got an e-mail yesterday from the B&B association in Toronto. They regret to inform me that my B&B hostess will not be able to provide with a room for the week of the festival. I suspect she has retired. Bummer. Now I have to seek new shelter.

It's challenging picking out the right B&B. Location, accommodations, breakfast, amenities and personality all have to be considered. Barb's B&B had great location, livable accommodations, good breakfast, and interesting breakfast chit chat. I doubt I'll find as good of a location, but perhaps I'll get free wi-fi to make up for it. A desk would be nice.

Why not a hotel? Price, for one. B&B's offer more of a personal touch as well. Sure, every now and then, you find yourself locked out and stashing your luggage behind objects in the front lawn, but I got a good story out of it.