Monday, July 07, 2008

The more things change...

...the more they suck. I got the reminder I'd set for myself to buy my tickets for this year's film festival and promptly visited their web site. I thought I would just quickly buy my usual 20 tickets and get back to work. A quick perusal of the available packages told me that they've made a change this year and that the normal 10-ticket packages are no longer good for the Elgin Theatre (that's the Visa Screening Room for all you high-powered consumers out there) showings. Now, I'll readily admit that it's not my favorite venue. Sure, it's beautiful, but the sound in there kind of sucks and it's always a struggle to hear the dialogue. But, some of the big films only show there and at Roy Thompson Hall, which has always been excluded from the ticket packs.

I may be forced to see more films this way. I guess that's the upside. I'll buy my 20 tickets, and then if there's some film that I just have to see and it's only showing at Roy Thompson Hall and the Elgin Theatre, it'll be beyond my control -- I'll have no choice but to buy a single ticket at exorbitant prices for that screening. I know you're all just feeeling sorry for me.