Thursday, September 13, 2007

Review: Walk All Over Me

My last random Canadian film pick of the year was Walk All Over Me, from director Robert Cuffley. It stars Leelee Sobieski, who's had a couple notable film roles, so I thought it had potential.

I had a bad feeling about this film inside 45 seconds. Alberta, a young (20-ish, I'm guessing) woman, clumsily loses an envelope, which her equally young two-bit hoodlum boyfriend asks her to give to someone at the convenient store where she works. Violence ensues, and she escapes on a tour bus.

The tour bus ends up in Vancouver, where she hooks up with her cousin Celene. Celene appears to be doing quite well in her work as a dominatrix, but to a certain extent, it's all show. Anyway, Celene ruins some expensive clothing Celene has to have for a client that evening. Oh, how dreadful! What is Alberta going to do now!?!? Oh, I know, she'll pose as Celene for one of the many guys soliciting her services and rake in some quick cash.

As luck would have it, the harmless dork she picks from the bunch turns out to have mob ties and there you have your mayhem necessary for the rest of the script. Oh yeah, the script... I call it sophomoric, only because I'm not sure if "freshamanic" is a word and researching it on seems like too much effort for this film. My imdb rating: 3/10.

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