Monday, September 05, 2011


TIFF called back, by the way.  Apparently, they've had a recent surge in "Contributor" level memberships, or at least that was the explanation I was given as to why we only received 80% of our first choice selections this year, after we got 19 of 20 in 2009 and 17 of 20 in 2008.  Do I buy it?  Not completely.  But if it is true, then it raises a frightening question: If I wasn't a "Contributor" level member, what percent of our selections would we have received?  And now I am to believe that I have to renew my membership to get the level of service I had grown to expect by merely buying tickets?  It's not a happy thought, and I love the festival.

The man who called from TIFF was nice enough to throw in a couple extra vouchers for the mix up in our order, though, so it appears you, faithful reader, have 21 reviews forthcoming.  There are a few of you out there, right?

Meanwhile, if we want to see The Ides of March, Take This Waltz, and The Island President, we'll have to rush for them (see Appendix B of my "How To Festival" post).  Sadly, we didn't get tickets to those films.

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