Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Queen Mother Cafe - Part II

After being thoroughly depressed by City of Life and Death, Mo and I needed a pick me up and decided to head back to The Queen Mother for a glass of wine.  Okay, a half liter of wine which, after some wicked math all in my head, I calculated out to be about two-thirds of a bottle.

We hadn't eaten since about 3:00 or so, which is only about 2:48 after converting to U.S. time, so we decided to have a snack.  Debating between Nam Dip (fresh spring rolls, really) and some funky taro chips and wasabi guacamole, the bartender clearly thought we should go with the guacamole, which was primarily comprised of avocado, wasabi and mango.  It was delicious.

The bar staff there is always great.  In fact, I recognize the guy at the bar from other trips in my Toronto past.  He could own the place for all I know, though I once met the owner and I don't think that was him.  We left much more gleeful than when we entered.

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